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Our Supporters

We are deeply grateful for our ever-growing group of public and private donors, who have helped make Perimeter what it is today: a world-leading centre for fundamental research, scientific training, and educational outreach.

Endowment Fund

Founder ($150M+)
Mike Lazaridis

Doug Fregin

Jim Balsillie

Government Partners

Government of Canada

Government of Ontario

Transformational Research Gifts ($1 million+)

Centre for the Universe at Perimeter Institute supported by Carlo Fidani ($20 million)

Clay Riddell Centre for Quantum Matter ($10 million)*

Daniel Family James Peebles Chair in Theoretical Physics ($5 million)

Clay Riddell Paul Dirac Chair in Theoretical Physics ($5 million)

BMO Financial Group Isaac Newton Chair in Theoretical Physics ($4 million)*

Krembil Galileo Galilei Chair in Theoretical Physics ($4 million)

Krembil William Rowan Hamilton Chair in Theoretical Physics ($4 million)

Stavros Niarchos Foundation Aristarchus Chair in Theoretical Physics ($4 million)*

Gluskin Sheff / Onex Freeman Dyson Chair in Theoretical Physics ($2 million)

Intact Financial Corporation ($1.5 million)

Coril Holdings Archimedes Chair in Theoretical Physics (Visiting) ($1 million)

The Peter and Shelagh Godsoe Family Foundation Award for Exceptional Emerging Talent ($1 million)*

*These remarkable investments were made through endowment gifts.

Accelerators Circle ($100,000+)

BMO Financial Group, in support of the BMO Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility Postdoctoral Fellowship Award

Cenovus Energy

John & Deborah Harris Family Foundation
Power Corporation of Canada, proud supporter of EinsteinPlus and Perimeter’s Teacher Network

The Ptarmigan Foundation Stephen W. Hawking Fellowship 

RBC Foundation, proud supporter of International Summer School for Young Physicists and GoPhysics

Mike Serbinis and Laura Adams 

Brian Sullivan

Student Fellowships & Awards

The Savvas Chamberlain Family Foundation Anaximandros Fellowship

The Joanne Cuthbertson and Charlie Fischer Graduate Student Award

Margaret and Larry Marsland Honorary PSI Scholarship Award

Directors Circle


Airlie Foundation

Connor, Clark, & Lunn Financial Group

The Cowan Foundation

Ed Kernaghan

Mac Van Wielingen, Viewpoint Foundation

Woodbridge Foam Corporation 


The Boardwalk Partnership

The Kitchener and Waterloo Community Foundation

  • McMurtry Family Fund
  • The Musagetes Fund
  • The John A. Pollock Family Fund

Oriole Foundation

Alex White



Mary and Ted Brough

M. Cannell

Karen Collins

Jon and Lyne Dellandrea

Elizabeth Hamilton-Keen

Renée Schingh and Robert Myers

Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada (TMMC)

Woods Family Foundation


Jeremy Anderson

Don Campbell and Catherine Bergman

Michael Gagnier

James A. Hamilton**

Michael Horgan

Robert Korthals and Janet Charlton

W. Michael Roche


John Attwell

Keith Beckley

Clifford and
Antoinette Carson

David Chapman**

Greg Dick

Daniel Lauzon

Gordon McKay

Don McMurtry

Schnurr Family Foundation 2017

+ two anonymous

$250 to $999

Mike Birch

Jeffrey Louis Close**

Rene and Janet Couture

Ben and Mona Davies

Matt Douglas

Craig Ekstrand**

Philippa Flint

Adam Gravitis

Denis Havey

Frederick Knittel

Ian MacRobbie

George Meierhofer**

Gordon Nicholls

Neil Steven Rieck

Catalin Sandu

Todd Scoble

John and Bridget

Sunny Tsang

+ one anonymous

Gifts Of Celebration, Honour, And Memory

Carolyn Crowe Ibele, in memory of Dr. Richard A. Crowe

Emmy Noether Circle

Emmy Noether was a brilliant scientist whose work underpins much of modern physics. Perimeter’s Emmy Noether Initiatives – funded by Emmy Noether Circle donors – support and encourage women in science.

Founding Donor

The Bluma Appel Community Trust 

Transformational Research Gifts

The Simons Emmy Noether Fellows Program at Perimeter Institute ($600,000)

Accelerators Circle 


Andrew and Lillian Bass

Anne-Marie Canning

Linamar Corporation

Tim Locke

Brian Sullivan

Dr. Scott and Sherry Vanstone and family**

Directors Circle 


Cenovus Energy

Harbir and Monica Chhina

Dorian Hausman


Jane Kinney and Christian Bode

Patrice E. Merrin




Jerome Bolce

Paul Smith

Kim Tremblay


Sara Angel


Andrea Grimm

Blair Kent**

Lisa Lyons Johnston

Jo-Anne Mancini

John and Karen Sechrist

Yasemin and Semih Sezer

Patricia M Woroch

$250 to $999

Rick Barfoot

Ana Sofia Barrows

Tania Framst

Beth Horowitz and Pat Munson

Sebastian Mizera**

Douglas Mortley-Wood

Karen Rubin

+ two anonymous donors

Gifts Of Celebration, Honour, And Memory

Mrs. Margaret Tovell, in memory/honour of Mr. David Tovell

* Supporter of Friends of Perimeter Institute Inc., a 501(c)(3) private foundation in the United States dedicated to promoting and supporting education, research, and programs that expand the public knowledge and understanding of theoretical physics.

This list reflects gifts received between August 1, 2022, and July 31, 2023, and multi-year commitments of $50,000 and more. Charitable Registration number: 88981 4323 RR0001

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